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Fees and payment

What are your fees?

Security deposit: A security deposit is needed to reserve a room. Once this fee is paid, we stop listing the room and book it for you. Failure to pay the security deposit will result in your room being listed again. The security deposit is also for any possible damage to the apartment or unpaid rent. For shared apartments the security deposit is $500. For private residences, it is $1000. The security deposit is refundable.
The application Fee is $250 and non refundable.

The cleaning Fee is $25 per person per month.

Monthly fee (your rent) includes: electricity, gas, trash disposal, water, cable television, internet, furniture and kitchen appliances and utensils. It does not include sheets, towels, or a computer. Sheets and towels are available upon request. Please contact us in advance, before your arrival.

What are the payment options?

A) If you are outside the US

PayPal: You can send your deposit via Paypal by clicking the BOOK NOW button next to the apartment that you like. A 5% processing fee WILL be applied. This fee goes to Paypal, NOT Cozy Housing.

B) If you have already arrived in the U.S.:

Check: You may pay with a personal check, cashier’s check, or a money order. Please write the check to Cozy Housing and mail to the following address:
Cozy Student Housing
3730 Kirby Drive, Suite 1200
Houston, TX 77098

Are there any other costs?

No, there is no other (hidden) cost unless you:
• Damage the apartment, furniture, and fixtures. We have rights to keep your security deposit to fix any damages caused by you.
• If you fail to pay your rent within the given period of time.

What are the available terms?

Apartments are available all year. Both short term and long-term leases are available. Minimum length of stay is 1 month.


How do I apply for an apartment/room?

Easy. There are number of ways to do it.
1- Call our dedicated number and arrange a viewing

2- Email to and mention the unit that you are interested in, your desirable move-in date and the length of your stay. Our team member will contact you with available times for a showing

3- If you are interested in a particular apartment, go to the apartment page and fill out the form. We will contact you to set an appointment for showing. In case you’re not in Houston, you can still reach us by filling out this form to learn more. If you’re sure that you want to hold the apartment, you can pay the deposit by clicking “Book Now” button. Please beware; a processing fee of 5% will be applied.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We don’t only list rooms on our site but in listing pages as well so the room may be booked for the exact same period of time. Please make sure you get our confirmation email about the apartment. In case the room is already booked, we’ll issue a full refund and cancel your booking.

Prior to your trip

What do I need to bring?

You will have everything in your apartment except linens and towels. If you would like us to get them ready before your arrival as well, please contact us in advance.

How to plan my arrival?

Once you book your flight, please let us know about your flight schedule ahead of time if you would like us to pick you up from the airport. A Cozy Housing team member will note your schedule and will be there to greet you. Please ask for pricing info.

Which documents do I need to bring?

Bring your student ID, I-20 and bank deposit documents.

After your arrival

What is the check in process?

Once we pick you up from the airport and drive you home, the Cozy Housing staff will give you a set of keys and sign the contract with you. Please have your documents ready.

If you arrive to the Houston city center by yourself, please come to our office to sign the contract and get the keys.

What is the check-in time?

There is no specific check-in time. Cozy Housing will make sure that your apartment is ready before your arrival.

During your stay

Do you offer extensions if I need to stay longer than my lease?

Yes, we offer flexible leasing terms and will extend your lease! Please let us know at least 1 month in advance, so we will have time to make the adjustments.

Can I shorten my contract length?

No, unless you are able to find a replacement tenant as per the defined terms and conditions of your contract.

Can I smoke?

No. Smoking (any tobacco products including cigarettes, cigars and hookahs) is not allowed in Cozy Housing apartments. Please refer to the corresponding section in your contract for more information.

When is the rent due, What if I am late?

The rent is due on the 1st of each month with a grace period until the 3rd of the month. Failure to pay within this time period will result in a late penalty fee.

What if something is broken?

It is as simple as filling out a form. We take care of it all. You will only be charged if the issue was caused by your negligence. We try to have all issues assessed very quickly and fixed as soon as possible.

The form is here:

Do you take pets?

No, we are sorry, but we cannot take any pets.

Is there Parking?

Yes, we do provide parking. Please ask for more information about fees.

Can I live with my friends?

Sure, if we have an available room/apartment for you, please apply together so we can arrange it for you.

Do I need to bring roommate for a shared room?

No. We are responsible for finding your roommate. We will do our best to find a good match.

Can we bring friends over to our apartments?

Yes. However, overnight guests are not allowed and may result in penalties and a possible cancellation of your contract.

Are all utilities (gas, electricity, water) included?

All utilities are included; but your rental of the shared room covers up to US$xx per month for gas and electricity. If your gas or electric bill is higher, the difference is shared by all tenants in the apartment during the billing cycle.

When leaving

When do I give notice if I would like to move out?

You must give at least 1 month notice of intention if you intend to move out of your room/apartment.

What to do during move-out?

You must arrange a check out inspection with one of the team members. Our team member will check whether or not the contract has been respected, and that no damage has occurred in the apartment. Your security deposit will be returned to you if applicable. You must return the all sets of keys. Otherwise, we will keep your security deposit.