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Student Housing in Houston

Cozy Student Housing helps students to find their new cozy home away from home. Founded in 2014, it is a privately held company headquartered in Houston, Texas. We provide complete student housing packages that include spacious and comfortably furnished rooms/apartments at affordable costs and other services for a safe and easy move to Houston. All Cozy Housing apartments are conveniently located in Midtown-Houston and within walking distance to all schools and shopping areas.


We are working closely with the prominent schools in Houston such as Houston Community College, St. Thomas University, Rice University, ELS, LCI language schools, Texas Medical Center, Houston Medical District, VA Hospital, MD Anderson Cancer Center and Texas Children’s Hospital.

Why Pick Cozy Housing for Off Campus Student Housing?

  • Affordable security deposits: One of the big expenses when looking for an apartment is paying a security deposit. Generally, it is as much as one or sometimes two times the amount of your monthly rent. However, here at Cozy Student Housing, we understand that a student can be tight on budget. So, we are offering security deposit at competitively affordable rates. Even better, it is fully refundable.
  • Flexible terms: Cozy Student Housing apartments are available all year round for both short and long term. So, even if you are in Houston for a short period of time or would like to accommodate temporarily, Cozy Housing apartments have the best options.
  • Different types of accommodation: We have different options for every need and budget:
    • Shared room
    • Private room

Shared rooms are the most affordable and preferred option.

  • Location: Cozy Student Housing apartments are within walking distance to schools and medical centers. The neighborhoods are safe and walkable. All your living accommodations are right outside your door; shopping malls, affordable grocery stores, bus stops, movie theaters, and restaurants. The neighborhoods provide close freeway access as well as easy public transportation.
  • Moving has never been that easy: Moving to another state or country is difficult. We take the hassle of settling in by providing comfortable furniture in our apartments. Also, the bills are paid upfront. So, the apartments are ready for move-in. You do not really need to do much except focusing on your studies and enjoying your new cozy home.
  • Complementary services: Cozy Student Housing can provide you a complete student housing package for a move to Houston. Check what other services we offer here.
  • Roommate match: We know how important a roommate is. So, we do our best to match roommates with the same interests.
  • Dedicated, friendly and responsive assistance: Our team is always accessible and fast to respond to every inquiry.
  • House maintenance: We will ensure that if anything goes wrong in your apartment, our team will fix it as soon as possible.
  • Monthly house cleaning: Our cleaning crew comes to your apartment on a regular basis for deep cleaning. This service is available at a very competitive rate to all Cozy Student Housing tenants.


The Cozy Student Housing team aims to provide you with an exceptional student housing service. Our fully furnished apartments are thoughtfully designed to meet both a domestic and international student’s needs. We offer safe, affordable and quality student apartments in very convenient locations. Our top of the line all-inclusive housing service provides a comfortable lifestyle and privacy in an off-campus living environment. All you have to do is to focus on your studies and enjoy the best years of your life!

Contact us now! Your cozy home is waiting for you even before you land.